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Dredge Central, LLC : New Dredge Central Launched for Used Dredges

New Dredge Central Launched for Used Dredges

Bobby Prince, James Morris, and Rick King at Dredge Central offices.
Bobby Prince, James Morris, and Rick King at Dredge Central offices.
Don King brings over half a century of industry experience to the Dredge Central Team
Don King brings over half a century of industry experience to the Dredge Central Team

February 6, 2013

Goodlettsville, TN -

DON KING is proud to announce the next chapter in his long and distinguished career. After over half a century of service to the worldwide dredging community, Don's long-held dream of creating and running a "superstore" for refurbished dredges has finally become a reality.

DREDGE CENTRAL, LLC, Don's ultimate vision, is now open for business, effective immediately. Dredge Central, LLC (DC) will buy, refurbish, and sell dredges of all makes and types based at its new location near Nashville TN, USA.

JAMES MORRIS, who worked with Don for most of his career - over 35 years - has joined DC as General Manager. Don said: "Jamie has more experience rebuilding dredges than anyone else in the world; all of you who know him will greet his new position with enthusiasm, and continue to rely upon his expertise."

BOBBY PRINCE is also joining DC as Parts and Purchasing Manager, continuing his unparalleled experience in buying and selling dredge parts. He also has spent most of his career with Don. Bobby is eager to re-establish the long-standing relationships with all the suppliers who have come to know and trust him over the years.

RICK KING, Don's son, is the youngster of this group, with only 20 years experience selling dredges and related equipment. In Rick's position as Sales Manager for Dredge Central, he will be spreading the word that DC is buying and selling used, refurbished dredges.

Please contact Don, James, Bobby, or Rick at your convenience, any time.

Don King
Cell: (615)305-9727

James Morris
Cell: (615)944-1263

Bobby Prince
Cell: (615)419-8771

Rick King
Cell: (615)943-6644

If you have a used/surplus dredge to sell, please call, and we will schedule a visit as soon as possible to look at your equipment and make an offer.

If you need a good dredge, at a reasonable price, give us a call. We will probably have one in the works for you. If not, we will find one for you, with our unmatched list of contacts in the industry.


Dredge Central already has an inventory, and has commenced manufacturing refurbishing operations at its factory near Nashville, TN.

We invite you to visit Dredge Central's new website at:  to see our initial inventory and work in process. 

Dredge Central is also excited to announce our agreement to exchange inquiries with the foremost manufacturer of dredges in the industry - Ellicott Dredge Enterprises, LLC. If we get an inquiry to which we cannot respond with an appropriate used dredge, we will refer that client to Ellicott for a possible new dredge solution. Similarly, when Ellicott receives an inquiry for which a used or refurbished dredge might be an option, they will refer that client to Dredge Central, LLC.

DREDGE CENTRAL, LLC is open for business. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dredge Central, LLC
1016B Louisville Hwy.
Goodlettsville, TN 33068
Office Phone: (615)-859-3733 
Office Fax: (615)859-3795