Refurbished 10-Inch Ammco Used Dredge Available

3-pc hull and ladder assembled
3-pc hull and ladder assembled
Installing A-frame & spud gantry
Installing A-frame & spud gantry
Assembly continues
Assembly continues
A-frame and spud gantry installed
A-frame and spud gantry installed

June 13, 2013 By Rick King

Dredge Central, LLC – The Used Dredge Center – is happy to announce the immediate availability of our first completely refurbished used dredge. This is a 10-inch AMMCO model PD-10E, one of AMMCO’s most popular and versatile dredges sold worldwide.

This standard model used dredge features a conventional three-piece hull measuring 50 ft x 20 ft x 5 ft (15.2m x 6.1m x 1.5m) when assembled. The original side pontoons were replaced with stainless steel tanks by a previous owner. This entire hull, including all structural and sheet metal components, remain in very good condition.

The heavy-duty AMMCO ladder is 32 ft long (9.75m), allowing dredging depth of 27.7 ft (8.4m). The ladder and side pontoons can be extended if necessary for deeper dredging.

Primary plant components, all housed in the center-section machinery room, include a heavy-duty AMSCO 12” x 10” (300mm x 250mm) Form 32 dredge pump, with Caterpillar model 3408 main diesel power, approximately 475 hp (354 kW). Auxiliary power is provided by a Cat 3306 rated 240 hp (179 kW). The cutter assembly consists of a 125-hp (93 kW) motor driving a 6-blade cutterhead, with replaceable serrated edges, 31-½” (800mm) backring ID.

Swing positioning and ladder hoisting functions are provided by Pullmaster winches; the spuds are raised and lowered by double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

The operator’s control cabin is air-conditioned, spacious, and efficient, with all controls within ready reach, and all gauges plainly marked and easily visible. The operator of this machine will hardly feel like he is running a used dredge – it will perform like new.

Dredge Central’s standard refurbishing process for this and all used dredges includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Repair or replacement of any deficient metal skin and/or structural components
  • Sandblasting and painting all metal surfaces
  • Repair or replacement of all hydraulic system components including hoses as indicated
  • Repair or replacement of all electrical system components as indicated
  • Inspection of dredge pump; reconditioning or replacement of parts as indicated
  • Testing & servicing diesel engine(s); repair or replacement as indicated
  • Inspection & servicing main pump drive machinery; reconditioning or replacement as indicated
  • Inspection & testing of cutterhead and cutter drive assembly; repair or replacement as indicated
  • Testing & servicing of all hauling and hoisting equipment including winches, hydraulic cylinders, and cables; reconditioning or replacement as indicated
  • Testing of all controls and gauges; reconditioning or replacement as indicated

This completely refurbished 10-inch AMMCO used dredge is now available. Please contact Dredge Central, LLC for more information, or to discuss your specific needs. We are at your service!

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