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Dredge Central, LLC : Used Dredges

One of the best aspects of the dredging industry is the duration of life for well-made dredges. While the initial purchase is a large expenditure, a dredge can easily last for 50 years and beyond. Moreover, a well planned and executed refurbishing of a used dredge can stretch its lifespan well beyond its first incarnation. One of Dredge & Marine Company’s specialties, and what accounts for about half of our business, is remanufactured / refurbished used dredges. No matter if the refurbish needs of a used dredge are mechanical, structural or both, we have spent decades restructuring these vessels to be as good as, if not better than, they were originally.

Below are some before and after photos of dredges that we have refurbished to new condition:


Another offering from Dredge & Marine Company is our brokering service which provides an online free listing site for used dredges, parts and related equipment. “The Dredge & Pit Trader” started over 20 years ago as a quarterly newsletter that was mailed out to our recipients. With the proliferation of the internet, we eventually made the DP&T an online resource. If you have used dredges, parts, components or related equipment, give us a call – we could be making you money! Visit our Dredge & Pit Trader website to see what we offer and how we could help you with your used equipment.

The Dredge and Pit Trader

In addition to dredges, we also sell parts and components for dredges. Take a look at our booster pumps section to see how we can help you with your needs.